The Looming Monetary Crisis How To Save Yourself Beginning Today

Crisis investing is when there is an obvious danger to your savings, investments and general livelihood. It doesn’t happen usually. usual signs aren’t always that noticeable. It is much more like a bubble in almost any market. Like when there is the latest real estate bubble. The signs were actually everywhere, but people forged ahead anyway without focusing on the smaller details instead of the top picture, says Jan Berkowitz.

Gold Has Never Been Worth Nothing

Crisis investing is paying attention to the background details and point of view. There recently was also a web bubble. In the long run the cost of most things were pushed up too high. Usually in a type of bubble we’re speaking about millions of people will lose lots of money in comparison with the max loss expected was possible writes Jan Berkowitz. Have you ever studied large groups or herd mentality you will quickly observe the big picture picture. People always desire to assume everything is ok. They look for reasons to believe this.

Even on a small-scale this is often true. When the MGM Hotel in Sin City caught on fire, the guests just kept gaming as the flames were burning. They just couldn’t believe there was clearly an immediate and new reality. This is also true in different crises. Lots of people will try to look some other way. Others will deny it completely. Still more have zero interest one way or another because they have no idea just what the outcome may be, muses Jan Berkowitz.

Currently we have a huge debt crisis in the usa. Hardly any one has any idea exactly what the magnitude of owing $17 trillion dollars is. Should we start repaying it at $48 million every day without interest, we could pay it back within a thousand years. Will we ever have $48 million each day? We already borrow forty percent of our own current budget right now. So do you see anyone really worried? I don’t, but they are there. The truth is that super inflation is arriving. Yet it’s not assets which are more and more expensive. Jan Berkowitz says look, the dollar will be soon plummeting in value.

I used to think about this, thinking I used to be doomed to the bad politicians we’ve in Washington starting at the very top. then I realized so what happened from the first great depression. The same type of thing. A monetary bubble burst, the dollar fell drastically, and business failed. Yet there is an enormous amount of millionaires created. One way they did it had been to invest in gold before everyone understood the thing that was happening.

Problem solved. Just get rich. How? Buy Gold, Silver and then trade in the value stocks. Later, expect to short the market. Gold will sky rocket plus an ounce of gold might be worth up to $50k an oz. Then cash in and purchase other assets like buildings, apartments and businesses. That is really what happened in 1929 says Jan Berkowitz Sr.

How can you benefit from this? Simple. You can buy and store gold and silver. Or you’ll be able to get ETF’s. These are called etf’s. Look-up GLD, SLV and CEF symbols. Don’t save your extra funds in cash. Buy precious metals directly or indirectly. Maynard Ferguson Video

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