Entrepreneur’s Should Feel Like NBA Champions

What does it mean to Start From Where You Are?

What Can Make an Entrepreneur Feel Like an NBA Champion?


Ken Esrig



If you are an athlete and you win the championship, how would you feel?  When you own a business can you ever feel that great?  What does it take you to feel great, in addition to your family and faith. What accomplishment gives you the feeling of being a champion. Not everyone one knows that feeling and some people only get close.


As I watched the NBA finals, I observed a team that has worked hard for an entire season and is now on the verge of that coveted championship trophy. They have spent years working on their individual skills and the whole season working and playing as a team to get to the finals. “How do you feel?” the sportscaster will ask after the final game?


The answer is personal and very special. It is always basically the same, “you know this is my dream and we all worked so hard and it feels great, I am so excited cause I am taking the family to Disney World!”


What would it take for the entrepreneur to feel the same way? Is it really possible to get that excited about going to work? Can anyone ever find the same level of fulfillment by doing their job?Being world champions is an attainment not usually a specific goal the business community, winning and success are not limited to sports.


Completing this article will not give me the championship feeling but last night as we viewed a video clip we produced for our documentary, Going for Gold: a Celebration of Life, I felt like we had won a contest. Entrepreneurial success is more often than not a task or transactional success as opposed to winning the big game.


Reward yourself for each success and spend some time reflecting on the energy and emotions needed and skills needed to achieve your accomplishments. Turn your victory into a press release or announcement.  Ride the feeling for as long as you can, remembering that this is a personal and team victory. Without the win, the work has no goal and the feeling of victory is lost.


As a CEO or entrepreneur, you may never be told what a great job you are doing or how well you handled a tough problem. You may be the only one who truly appreciates your accomplishment. You have to mark these occasions, large and small as you move toward your championship game. Take the approach of having a great panoramic goal represented by the NBA Championship game but each smaller accomplishment should be treated as a winning game as well.


The Entrepreneur’s Locker Room is where the pep talks occur. Your successes do not occur in a vacuum but you are the only one celebrating. That is being an entrepreneur. As the leader you are the “head cheese” and you will always stand alone. Even your team and advisors can only appreciate what you have done. It is up to you to go to the Entrepreneur’s Locker Room and get yourself the KUDO’S you deserve.


Entrepreneurs do not usually have a coach and teammates in the sports sense. The team is usually hired to advise you, but did not offer you an “assist” to make the big play to win the game. Your staff is glad the task is done and look forward to less stress when they come to work tomorrow. You are alone but ready to celebrate.


Being an entrepreneur is a lonely career. You are the risk taker and entitled to the greatest rewards. If you do not recognize your small victories youmight spend your life never feeling the championship moment when and if it finally arrives. I recently saved my 25 year old business from complete and financial ruin.


Mark the occasion. Go to dinner at your favorite restaurant and celebrate. Buy something to remind yourself that you are the whole team. An entrepreneur can be the center of the team as well as the guards and forwards who surround the goal.


You will remember the victory dinner with friends and family. You will always appreciate the special gift you bought yourself after the entrepreneurial win. You are the star and the problem is that there are no fans, no cheerleaders and no reporters visiting you as you celebrate in the Entrepreneur’s Locker Room




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